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  • Library assignment

    Have any of you ever heard of Michael deMeng? Check the library for some of his books on recycled arts...very cool.

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    I am Googling him now!

    I love the use of words.... assemblog

    His work is great, though I don't think I'd want to own any of it! I have faved his site to peruse the galleries at leisure!

    And his Secrets of Rusty Things has a lookinside on Amazon - great! I wish I could get so involved in found art creations, but I am too old to restart (again) and have to earn a living! Perhaps when I am a bit older.... I may not like his Day of the Dead style but I love the ethos and techniques.

    Thanks for the heads up, I now have another 'thing' to research and ponder - which will inevitably further put off any actual doing
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      I react the same way as you - he's intriguing...I love the word assemblog, too.

      I wouldn't buy his art, either, but really am pulled in by it...I find the Day of the Dead stuff has some kind of macabre attraction (what does that say about me!?). But around here it's quite jolly and festive, and very colorful.

      I have just reserved another author's book at the library - much lighter and brighter... for me and my granddaughter to peruse and work from - Mixed Media Doll Houses by Tally's about doll house "assemblages." I've been dusting off a bunch of old cigar boxes that are perf for the job, and she is collecting ball moss, Spanish moss, bottle caps and wire and whatever else she can find at home. I have a few bottle caps, too, and old coat hangars, and a TON of burr oak acorns (gigantic and fuzzy)...we're going to cut out people from magazines and glue them onto pieces of thin wood scraps from my husband's workshop, and have him cut them out for us. We'll make stands for them... and she wants to glue chicken feathers on their backs for wings...I need to wash some (got plenty!) ... in Lysol, I reckon. This is going to be fun!


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        Thanks for the introduction. I'm really into using found objects and recycled materials. Very interesting stuff if a little macabre.

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