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    Up/Recycling car boot tat....

    ...treasure ideas needed

    Today's haul included 2 rugs, one red withblack, green and yellow 'check', the other a green/grey; a loose weave lady's coat (I'm going to like working with that one ); a single mans jumper, stripy and a sort of woven pink jacket thing (I suspect it was very expensive when new); a mans dogtooth jacket (very useful pockets in the lining); a wool skirt in blue and a 'vintage' tabard thing in slightly knobbly green.

    I also grabbed a handful of beaded jewellery.

    Total cost £12!

    So, the jumper will be felted and made into a winter hat/scarflet/wrist warmer set.

    The jackets and skirt will make nice bags as will the blankets - but that is getting a bit samey.

    What else could I make?

    Does anyone want to share ideas/patterns etc? I have a lot of ideas but I think I am missing a few tricks, maybe cos we don't have kids I miss some really simple stuff!

    How much can we recycle? What can be upcycled? How crafty can we be??
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    A body warmer with a blanket using lining out of the coat maybe.
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      The blankets could me the outer for a bean bag? Or perhaps making some cushions? Even maybe little scented pillows if you get what I mean?

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