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Giving new life to old discarded things!

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  • Giving new life to old discarded things!

    This is what my business is all about!

    A sewing machine for my 21st birthday as well as a stack of boxes from clothes my mum had cut up and rescued when she was a student led to my googlie-eye Designs business!

    In today's climate, I think the thriftyness is appealing to all now and it is so good to be a part of this! Yey for recycling!
    :: googlie-eye Designs :: Handmade gifts & accessories from recycled materials, giving new life to old discarded things!

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    I'm sat here waiting for the jumpers I bought at a car boot this morning to felt. The washing machine has an hour to go!

    I'm trawling the net for some inspiration so I can do the other clothes I have collected real justice. Well, that and the courage to get the sewing machine out after 12 years not talking to it!

    Like you I have inherited bitses and bobses but it has taken me years (going to university, getting a job etc) to get back to the thrifty crafty me I used to be!

    Hopefully I'll have some things completed by the end of the week and I can then call myself a real crafter.

    And then too will have a shop of cute little things, just like yours (the shop not the items, honest! )
    Do not watch this space