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    Originally posted by Galls View Post
    I'm having this little debate with myself at the moment, too, about books. Is it ok to use the pages of a book in your crafts?
    I've been wondering this too. However, books continue to get reprinted every year and apparently at the moment there is no system in place to recycle books because of the glue in the spines. Charity shops have to pay to send thousands of books to landfill! So in a sense, preserving the pages in a new work of art is a much better outcome. There is a really interesting book out called Book Art by Christine Antaya which is all about contemporary artists that have used books as sculptural, physical art objects. I think the actual stories chosen can also contribute to the meaning of the work as well.

    I'm a bit of a magazine junkie and have piles of them stacked up in my room... keep wondering whether I could do something creative with them!

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      Im with you on that one! I have seen some fantastic uses for old books, there is always that inner turmoil that someone could find it useful but I think I finally decided if I wanted to use it to make it into something new using reasoning that it was given to charity who would benefit. After all you buy things to do what you wish (and I only get books from charity shops, bootfairs and church sales) so I re home it, re read it the re use it. I didnt know they spent money to actually send books to landfill! Waste!

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        Interesting info ^^ - I have usually introduced by business as "Handmade gifts & accessories from recycled materials :: giving new life to old discarded things" - so I guess while recycling materials, the products are now upcycled items? - I hadn't heard of upcycled-ness until searching around for places to perhaps sell my stock!!!
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