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  • Silky material

    I have been given lots and lots of silky is no good for rag rugging so what do I do with it? There are some gorgeous colours.

    Any help would be very much appreciated xx

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    Hi AmyDave

    You could make it into posh bunting, or how about flower corsages? If the fabric you have is synthetic you can sometimes burn the edge of the petals a little to make them curl up (although I think the best fabric for that is organza, which I don't think is what you have..) If the fabric you have is washable, you could make it into summer scarves, and maybe print your own design on it, or how about some brightly coloured cushions? Or pin cushions. Or make book marks by covering cardboard templates and adding a tassle at the end?

    I'm such a magpie for brightly coloured fabric, I have far too much of it, and not enough time to do it justice! I hope you manage to find some way of using it!

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      What about having a go at appliqued bags, or if you have a sewing machine and can drop your feed dogs you could try machine embroidery? Might be nice pressies for christmas.
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        What about the printing idea and appliqué to make wall hangings?
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          I like the idea of scarves. Lots of scarves!

          Or skirts. Sorry, not full of ideas at the minute!


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            How about a little freestyle fabric painting on a simply made kaftan?


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              I have a couple of bags full of silky stuff too.

              I have sorted it into material types and colours and am slowly earmarking it for projects I have stockpiled in my brain

              Some will be bag/purse lining/highlights, some will be the underneath of brooches, to add a splash of colour. Same with my felted scarves and scarflets if the felt turns out to be too scratchy.

              I have a pattern for a bag made out of a large scarf and some of the material is big enough and interesting enough to be used for a whole bag.

              Others are too small and may simply be hemmed as scarves, with any scrap being made into a scarf knot/ring to match.

              I also have a handful of wide alice bands and I may cover them with some of the scrap bits, same for some nasty bangles I thought might be useful!

              I know I have a pattern for a halterneck top somewhere...... very 70s!

              All I have to do is bring my sewing machine down and start sweet talking it. I haven't used it for about 10 years!
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                sorry for this...

                100 POSTS!!!!

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                  Silky materlial might be good for kanzashi flowers. I've been dying to have a go. These are gorgeous:

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