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Shrinking sweet wrapper/crisp packets?

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  • Shrinking sweet wrapper/crisp packets?

    Hello, does anyone know which sort of wrapper will shrink in the oven? I remember friends doing this when I was younger and noticed how cute they look when tiny (this was in the 70's!). I have tried recently and none of the packets i have used seem to shrink. Are the manufacturers using different plastics these days? Does anyone know of any packets/wrappers that will shrink in the oven.

    Sarah x

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    Hi Sarah. I've been wondering about this myself. I certainly remember making brooches years ago by threading a safety pin through the back of a crisp packet and then shrinking it in the oven. It was great. I too wonder whether the plastic is different now...


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      I discovered this unusual art whilst I was bored at work the other day!! There's actually a facebook group complete with loads of pictures of the best wrappers to shrink!


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        ooooooh that facebook group sounds good! What do I need to type in to find it.

        Thanks for that!

        Sarah x


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          I've just looked it up now for you - it's the "crisp packet shrinkers appreciation group" ha ha!

          There's even a crisp packet origami group on there as well - Have fun!


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            thanks, jodels i'm going to give it a go!

            sarah x


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              crisp packets never used to have foil linings so that probably makes a difference. I remember friends doing this too but never tried it myself.
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                OMG now that takes me back in time - I can remember doing this with beef flavour monster munch packets (funny how I cant remember what day it is half the time but I can remember such useless things LOL)

                If I remember rightly I am sure we put ours under the grill and then watched them shrink - Im so excited about this I think i might just have to have a go.

                The Soap Fairy xx


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                  I used to do this in college! (despite the fact I was meant to be doing jewellery design haha!)

                  You can also use acetate sheets and 'mould' them around objects. We used to model a design from fimo, bake til hard and then mould the acetate over - make great earrings and can be painted with glass paint.
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                    Nice thread!!

                    ((Laughing...)) totally by accident some years ago, I discovered you could shrink Flora magarine tubs the same way. I popped a tub in the microwave as I wanted to melt the last few bits of marge - zapped too long - opened the door to a cute little miniature flat Flora and a lake of molten fat....!!!


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                      wow that sounds ace! - and takes me back! LOL

                      Please put some pics up of your shrunken items!

                      Lilly x
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