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  • Any ideas?

    Iv got 10 ( empty ) small stella artios bottles (glass) ( 250 ml ). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what could be done with them, instead of throwing them out?

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    One of the student houses down our way has all their empties arranged neatly on their window sill! Try and think of it as an art installation instead of not clearing up your rubbish! (and showing the neighbours how much you guzzle!!)

    Bet that doesn't help!


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      Hi snow
      a friend of mine used her wine/beer bottles to make a water feeder for the birds in her garden. If you have the space dig a circle then place the bottles upside down into the ground so you are left with the base of the bottles on top, arrange them into a shape or circle or whatever takes your fancy.....the base of the bottles have a dip, so the water naturally collects when it rains....the birds love to bath in them or have a drink its also pretty when the sun catches it. Hope this idea is any help, let me know or take a picture if you decide to do it....would love to see


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        I've seen acouple of sites selling goblets made from recognisable bottles - but you'd need one of those bottle cutting gadgets - not sure how much moulding there is on the Stella bottles though.

        With a little added decoration they could be bud vases I suppose.
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          I know of a lady who makes beautiful lampwork beads from recycled beer bottles!


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            How about smashing them into small pieces mosiac size and edge something in them(maybe a small mirror etc) using maybe different coloured grout.Perhaps for someone who loves his or hers beer this would be a great pressie and would supply a little giggle!!!!!!
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              Kazzelles, that is a WONDERFUL idea!!

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                We used to have a very rich lady in the vacinity and she was renoun for edging her flower beds with bollinger bottles!

                Could be the poor mans version!
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                  Originally posted by Cazpanda View Post
                  I know of a lady who makes beautiful lampwork beads from recycled beer bottles!
                  are they on face book?
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                    A neighbour of a friend built a garden wall with the chub bottles. It looked great when the sun was on it, Then all kind of bugs took up residence in the bottles and we were scared of it ha ha!! xxx

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                      Give them to a gardener (after you soak the labels off!) the little dumpy beer bottles make excellent cane toppers so you don't accidentally poke your eye out when gardening....


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                        cane toppers

                        That's a great idea ...

                        At a local nursery (plant) they have crushed glass of various colors in their decomposed granite walks, and it is so sparkly in the sunshine - my granddaughter and I love it! So how does one crush the colored glass (obviously in a bag) so as not to have sharp edges? I wouldn't want the dogs to get cut paws. The crushed granite is rough enough on paws, so they've made their own path next to our NO MUD one...I mean, it doesn't rain often, but when it does, the mud here is inconceivably sticky!


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                          Beads and beyond did an article in I think the january 09 issue about making lampworked beads from old bottles.


                          The owls made me do it.


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                            Perhaps a bottle wall

                            Go to the 'treehugger' site and look up wine bottle wall. Can't post the url for another couple of posts
                            Try this sort of thing. Novel garden shed perhaps?

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                              I know of a stained glass artist who wilts beer bottles in her kiln and then sells them as wall hangings, key dishes, candle holders etc.
                              I've also seen a few etsy sellers doing the same but I'm too new to give you links!! Sorry.

                              You can find them easily by adding kiln, glass, bottle etc into the search bar though
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