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  • Baby sling

    I've just turned a charity shop curtain into 2 made-to-measure baby slings for the parents of a new baby. The cotton curtain was lined with cotton, so baby and washing machine friendly. I left the lining in place for a bit more warmth. Pair of curtains £3, so 2 slings from one curtain means 75p a sling, the site that had the pattern on it sells them from $43!

    This is the pattern:

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    Wow what a good idea! I spent a fortune on slings for my little ones
    Cathy xx
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      lol, so did i would love to see some pics!, are you on tbw? xxx

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        Thats got to win the prize for the most innovative use of a pair of second hand curtains. Would love to see some pics.

        When I had my baby (long time ago now) there was no way I was going to carry him around once he was born - I carried him for 9 months and at almost 9lb when he was born, he went in his pram! I paid enough for it so I was gonna use it. Have to say it was quite easy for me though cos town centre is less than a mile away from my house and its all flat so it was nice to walk everywhere with him in the pram.

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          I used a pram too - except when hanging out the washing. I had one of those old baby slings though, that had to tie together about 50 different ways!

          My sisters were very interested in these types of slings though! A very ingenious idea using curtains - they are great for making so many things!
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            That's fab. My sister in law has a sling and paid about £30 for it, but she uses it all the time!

            Mind you, he was a premmie and only weighed 3 lb 11 at birth - teeny tiny! My last one was 9 lb 1 and my cousins last one was 13 lb!!





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              Wish I'd had one of these when mine were young (they were never small - 10lb 1/2oz, 9lb 10oz and 10lb 11oz!). I had a strappy mothercare thing but didn't like using it until they could support their heads and this gives you 2 hands free (to do the housework as the man of the house put it!), just as well I made him one too then!

              Next time I visit, I'll try to remember the camera, taking a picture without a baby makes it look a bit flat! lol!