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  • Is there a market for...

    .....recycled bubble mailers? Like jiffy bags? I have made lots to send my own parcels out in and they have received favourable comments and lots of people have asked where they can buy them. There's also only a couple on etsy but none that use book pages like moi. My only concern is the shipping cost of them. Would people be willing to pay a decent price (and I'm stuck on that too!) and then have shipping on top?? Just need lots of ideas thrown into the mix please! Oh and here's some links to some just in case you haven't seen them yet.

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    oh here!!!! those are soooooooooooo cool!!!!! No idea how much you would charge for them though, I'd be terrified to put them through the post in case they got ruined

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      They are gorgeous!!! Can you not find a shop or a Post Office who would stock them for you so that there wasn't a shipping cost? Sue xx


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        I have no advice I just wanted to say these are exquisite!!


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          These are gorgeous and there MUST be a market for them!! What an ingenious idea. Do you line them with bubble wrap? Your customers will love receiving them.

          The idea about a local post office or shop is a good one. I am sure people would buy online too, maybe if they wanted several. I'm not sure how well they'd sell singly online. Have you tried researching sites who may sell them for you? Not sure what kind of site, maybe someone spe******ing in ethical gifts, etc?

          Good luck with them.
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            I read on Etsy somewhere about a lady who makes them as an additional touch to the crafts she sells, to make the customer feel special and recommend to their friends. I for one would be quite happy to buy smaller ones as I am too lazy and not as talented as you are in making these!

            Good luck
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              LMAO!!!!...sorry...your stuff is absolutely gorgeous..and you are extremely talented...I take my hat off to you for your talent and abilities and ingenuity of coming up with the idea of making the things you have...
              However...I have also just been to your site and please go back abd check the sales pitch on the french map envelopes...think you may wish to re-word it!!....sorry but VERY funny!

              Good luck with your stuff though,,,it is the coolest I have seen in a long time...
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                Hi Swirly,

                Jiffy bags themselves aren't especially cheap so I don't see why someone wouldn't be willing to pay a fair price for them. Check what the average cost of a jiffy bag the size your making is and see if it is worth going that route. Postage by weight shouldn't be too bad but the size might be a different thing though as a lot of couriers and I think Royal Mail do it too work from a volumatic size (i.e. if the box is really light but really big they will charge for the size of the box as opposed to the weight).

                HTH and I love them and really loved my chick chicks packing. Nicola uses the pink embroidered material on the back of her computer chair - makes it really pretty and girly.



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                  those jiffy bags are absolutely gorgeous

                  i would feel awful actually using them though - as last time i wrapped up a really fancy parcel to post out it ended up spoilt with all the labels {postage and customs} that i had to put on it.

                  as for pricing - i haven't a clue & that is always my downfall with my own work.

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                    Swirly, they are Great!!!

                    Just A lovely idea!!

                    I presume the French thing was something to do with "Letters"??

                    Ok Now for the really Dumb Question - What does ACEO Stand for??

                    Best thing to do Is put a couple on Ebay(do a search also to see if anything silimar there) and see what they go for - it's 5p listing day today !!



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                      They are great, I bet they would sell - why not just list a few on etsy and see how it goes? Can't hurt and you're only down 20c if they don't sell in 3 mos.


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                        I think they are absolutely fantastic. I'm sure that you would do well if you considered promoting these in the right way to the right shops, as someone else suggested. I remember when I did work experience with a graphic design company, I designed some items using old advertisements for the Robert Opie Collection. Surely you could sell these by the bucketload in the right venue? Especially as you could easily make themed designs specifically for places?

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                          What a terrific idea...good luck l'm sure they will sell...brill they are
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