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"T" Fancy Dress Challenge

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  • "T" Fancy Dress Challenge

    Hi All,

    Hope you're all well. Here's a challenge that I've been faced with and I hope you can help.

    My little boy has to attend a "T" Party day on Friday at school. This means that they can go as anything that starts with a T and ideally I'd like to make this out of recycled items.

    Has anyone else had to do something like this before or has any ideas that might help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Donna x
    Smile and the world smiles with you, laugh and I think it's about me!

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    Transformer, made out of boxes?

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      If i ever have children, I PITY them at halloween/fancy dress occasions.

      I would send my small child as a cup of TEA. I'd get an old hula hoop, attatch shoulder straps to keep the costume on. Time permitting, I'd papier mache the rest of the cup, but if not, I'd use fabric, or a white bin bag, to make a tube to hang from the hula hoop. Add a cup handle made from an old cardboard box painted white, and my child would be a mug of tea. Maybe even add a nice floral print to it. make them royal doulton.

      If I had another (smaller) child, I'd get a white pillow case, paint dark brown/black dots on it, and a line of black at the bottom, cut arm and head holes and send them out as a teabag, to go with their mug sibling.


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        "T" Fancy Dress Idea

        I love the transformer idea but he has to sit around in this all day so I don't think it'd be very comfortable (he did suggest this being four and all).

        The teabag idea is fantastic - I'm off to get a white pillowcase tonight - this is such a brill idea I love it.

        Thanks so much for your help.

        Donna x
        Smile and the world smiles with you, laugh and I think it's about me!


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          Use any old T shirt (any colour) of mum, dad, or sibling and write numbers & signs on it so that it looks like a Telephone - easy, cheap and comfortable for the child to sit around in all day.



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            I organised a "P" party when I was at high school

            We had a principal (head teacher), pimp and prostitute (many!), pea, pensioner, pajamas, I can't remember the others, but it was really fun!


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                You been deleting stuff again Peter??? Hope so cos if you haven't then your last comment don't make any sense at all to me. . . . . but then again I am a blonde.

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