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  • So waddaya think??

    These are some of the pieces I made for the final graduation show of my HND course.

    Unglazed Mary Jane shoes

    Glazed Mary Jane shoes

    Would like some feedback from people who haven't had anything to do with them - if you see what I mean. The only people who've seen them are family, friends or college tutors who were obviously all encouraging .

    Is it worth trying to sell them? Are they good enough or do I consign them to the attic forever to gather dust? :0)

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    Attic for good? dont be silly they are brillant piece of work!!!!!!

    Off course you should be selling them!!

    Well done!



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      They are FAB! - LOVE 'em

      Not sure why?? but I prefer them unglazed. Maybe it's because they look more real - Like Em's scuffed dull ones! - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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        Yeah. That's what I think. I was originally going to print some artwork onto transfer paper and put these onto the glazed ones but ended up preferring the white colour.

        What do you reckon you could charge for them? Any ideas at all. I did work out a costing but I want to see if any suggestions come out anywhere close

        At the moment they are all in shoe boxes sitting in the corner of the dining room feeling unloved and forgotten. (Argh! What is it with me and dolls/creatures? I even give inanimate objects personality? There's a name for that isn't there?)


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          Before I read everyone else's posts, I thought to myself I prefer the un-glazed ones. I think they just look more realistic.

          I would also like to see them in colours (pink obviously!)

          Definitely have a go at selling them, but no idea on costs, I'm hopeless at pricing my own stuff never mind other people's!
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            he he Glad it's not just me.

            So do I try etsy? Ebay? Craft fair?

            Ooh decision, decisions...


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              Gorgeous! I prefer the unglazed as well, too shiny the others, but could that just be the photo? did you use a flash? orhave other lights reflecting off them when you took the photo?

              definitely try to sell them.
              could you try an auctio on ebay? that miht give you an idea of what people wouldpay for them.
              Could theybe personalised?(child's name on sole?etc..)


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                Are They good? Are they good? They are blummin' amazing!!! They are gorgeous. They would definately sell!!! Sue xx


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                  I love them too and like everyone else prefer the unglazed ones but it might just be the flash too!!

                  I have no idea about price I'm afraid but I am sure you will have no problem selling them. Sorry don't use ebay or etsy to sell so can't advise you on that but I'm sure plenty of people on here will be able to help.

                  Send to the attic indeed!!!



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                    Don't consign them to the attic! Just to be different I prefer the glazed ones, they remind me of the red patent shoes I had when I was 10.
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                      Have you got an Etsy shop Ethel?
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                        aww, i do love those buckle shoes. they are so real!

                        i like the glazed ones, only because the feel of the unglazed ones give me shivers!

                        Av xx
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                          They are sooo cute, I bet everybody who see those goes aaahhhh! Can't hide them away they are bound to sell as they would make a great present for christening or maybe confirmation.


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                            It's fab reading all your different comments. I don't think my photos were the best. I was actually trying to use a light box thingie made from a tutorial link on swirly's blog. Unfortunately I don't have any clip-on spot lights so was using halogen bedside lamps ;0). White wasn't the best background colour to use either.
                            The glaze is actually a matte one so they aren't really shiny in 'real life'.

                            Originally posted by incywincy View Post
                            Have you got an Etsy shop Ethel?
                            No etsy shop. Yet. Have registered so can look at other peeps' stuff, forums, etc. but no shop. Bit scared to take the plunge really.

                            I am registered on eBay. I sell our junk on it all the time! My OH keeps telling me to try a pair of the shoes on there. Tomorrow is a cheap listing day I think so I'll put a pair of each on to try.
                            I also did little trainers but I haven't got any photos of them yet.


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                              Originally posted by ethel&edna View Post
                              Tomorrow is a cheap listing day
                              Where does it say that?
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