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    Hi, I;m quite new to crafting and stuff, and I want to try as many different types of crafting as possible. What sort of thing do you think would be a good idea to have as my first attempt at pottery etc. What sort of equipment or tools etc do I need to get started with it? Please help! Any tips or ideas very much appreciated!

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    I suggest you find somewhere local doing classes and go along for a chat, as there are many different skills involved and although can learn some of it from a book it's not always easy - for instance if you're throwing a pot you don't have a hand free to turn the page! Also the cost of firing, glazes etc can add up and it's best to only pay for what you use. They will have examples of other people's work there so you can get a better idea of what you would like to make and what the possibilities are.


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      Good advice there. I joined an adult education class when my boys were small, it was good fun. no outlay for me and I learned one important thing.
      I'm hopeless at pottery.... made a few things but they were soooo bad I gave up and started cross stitch instead.
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        Near where we live is an adult education centre, where they offer day courses in certain crafts (painting, watercolours, pottery, jewellry types, etc), and are a good way of learing a skill without spending a huge fortune, plus classes are kept to a reasonable size.
        I know Leicestershire not much good to you, but would there be something similar near to where you live? Just a thought.
        Good luck with finding something.


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          Absolutely agree that day or evening classes

          Absolutely agree that day or evening classes are a good way to start when beginning in Ceramics/pottery.

          If you are looking for more guidance why not try




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            One of the first tool you should have!


            Hello start with this,

            Absorbent cotton toweling is always an excellent item to have. Toweling is ideal for rough-cleaning hands whenever working with clay, and a large towel across the knees is almost always a good idea when throwing.


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              You should not start with pots and bowls, definitely! Making them demands special skills (you will, of course, reach that level later when you are more experienced). And to avoid unnecessary trouble in the beginning, you can start with some flat shapes. What do you think of making a little pottery pendant to wear on a neck (attached to a chain)? They may have various disigns. Name and number plates for gates and doors. Simple rounded figures, such as mushrooms or fishes, they can be parts of ashtrays (oh, yes, say no to smoking, but a beautiful ashtray can be a nice decoration element on the table)... There can be found lots of ideas of this kind.



              Oh, yes, and napkin rings, too!..
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