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fimo figures help please !

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  • fimo figures help please !

    hi guys , ive looked into buying a topper but have decided to make one myself ! because i think it will be a more personal gift that way , i am so nieve tho , i really dont know where to start ,i have loads of silly questions and have probably contacted all of you already via e mail lol !
    is any one willing to give me brief step by step instructions ? do i make the whole thing then bake it ? how long ? do i use supports? what do i use ?
    so sorry to be stupid enough to think i can do it just like that ! lol
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    Heidi x x x

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    Hi, Really all depends on what you are planning to make. A simple shape does not need support but for a figure for instance I use cocktail sticks or dried spagetti pasta. Fimo Liquid is a great glue to ensure lasting joins.

    Basically you make up your final piece then bake it. Afterwards it can be left or varnished.

    If you need specific info please don't hesitate to contact me and hopefully I can talk you through what you may want to make.



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      Oh and How Long? again depends on the size and thickness of the object. The rule here is 'less is more' you can always put it back in the oven but once its overcooked its too late.

      For an average something going on a card should take (for Fimo) no more than 10 mins at 110 degrees. Also it continues to harden as it cools.


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        thanks for reply ,im making a figure of a man and a motorbike ! straight in at the deep deep end ,lol. i wanna do a plinth for it to stand ontoo ,i saw a site that made foil bodys then covered them ? i was gonna do a solid figure to be honest make whole thing then cook it then i got fimo varnish to finish . i really realy apreciate any help ! i allowed to givemy e mail address to you?
        Heidi x x x


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          Hi Marra

          I'm really sorry but to answer the amount of questions you asked me in email would take me such a long time to answer, and I wish I could help you but time is not on my side just lately.

          I can tell you though that the best way (well its the way I do it), is to do your figurine in stages, bake and add, bake and add. it really does not matter how much you put your fimo into the oven as long as you keep it at the same temperature. I usually cook my figurines at least 5 or 6 different times in the oven as I add new pieces.

          I always make the dress first, or in your case it would be the motorbike. Again, these get shaped a bit at a time and then put into the oven. A motorbike can (for me) go in the oven at least 8 to 10 times!

          Once you have done your motorbike, then I would make the trousers next - shape them over the sitting over the bike and put on his feet where you want them, this would then be put back in the oven and next his shirt, head and arms would be added. In the oven and then finish off by doing any logos, his hands, his hair and anything else you want added to the figurine.

          Whatever you do, don't try and handle them when they are just out of the oven as they need to be left to cool completely before you attempt to add on to them. The fimo will still be soft and breakable at this stage so best leave them as long as you can.

          When you are truly happy with everything that you have done, put on your protective sealer - one side at a time (this gives it a good chance of drying without finger tips etc being left on it.).

          I hope that helps and I can only tell you the way that I do it.

          I would also suggest you google in something aong the lines of 'fimo for beginners' or 'instructions for fimo' as to be honst there is so many good tips and advice out there and its taken me ages to learn what I know now, and I've still got a long way to

          Good luck with your modeling and hope to see a photo when you have finished it.

          Last thing, don't rush it and dont manhandle your clay too much. Keep your hands clean, more so when you are changing colours. Red, black, green and blue are really messy to work with and if you don't wash your hands between each new colour, you can transfer it to a light one and maybe spoil it.

          I use a clean glass cutting board for mine and when I go for darker colours, I put a piece of greaseproof paper over the glass and then throw it away once I've used it.

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            thank you so much for your help ! i need all the help i can get ,does the fimo stick together baked and un baked ? or do i need glue ? can you put google eyes on or do they melt ? im a little scared to do it ! in case i kill it lol .how do i know when its cooked ? ? so sorry to go on and on ,i am a complete novice !
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            Heidi x x x


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              Raw fimo will stick to raw fimo - it can also be attached to cooked fimo and then the edges can be (I do it with my finger) smoothed over.

              If you add cooked fimo to cooked fimo, use a dap of super glue.

              Google eyes will not melt in the oven, I always put mine into raw fimo.

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                brilliant info , thanks a lot !
                im sure i will have more quetions once im brave enough to start . i dont need it till sept so ive left pleanty of time to practice !
                Heidi x x x


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                  Do we get to see a picture of your topper now? Hope you had fun making it.
                  I would really agree with much of what Pauline said.
                  I cook my models in stages. I mould the undesrkirts for the wedding dresses on a glass bottle (covered in foil so I can remove them - I have lots of different sized bottles for this purpose) and then build up from there, baking whenever I want to protect my work. I use wire armatures quite frequently to give support, and I secure the heads to the bodies with half a cocktail stick.
                  I also add the hair last of all to cooked models, I find raw clay hair attaches perfectly well to cooked heads as long as you have very clean hands to avoid it 'sticking' to your fingers instead of the cooked clay.
                  Hope that helps someone out there...
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                    I agree with the others in all they say. I have only been using the clay for a couple of months. But still learn with every one make. I found the Tutorials at the Ooak Guild invaluable. Have a peek if you have time. Good Luck with your topper.

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                      Just been reading about fimo.Could you please tell me once its cooked do i need to do anything before adding the varnish. What varnish would you recommend please


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                        need help with fimo cake toppers

                        can anyone advise me what to put in the middle of fimo, to go in the center of brides dress, not getting on with moulding it around tin foil! as it comes thro the dress shape. and what can go in the oven with fimo. How long they go in at one time, i read that its 130degrees and then somewhere else 110degrees? i want to make my wedding cake toppers, but they keep breaking and im wondering if im cooking them long enough but i dont want them to burn. Also whats the best way to pack them? Can anyone advice me where to get the packing from, i.e. double walled cardboard boxes!

                        i have also read that i am supposed to put protective sealer on them when they are finished, what is that?

                        hope someone can help my wedding is soon!!!


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                          That is a lot of questions! - try posting a new thread in the Polymer Clay section and I am sure you will get loads of replies and cool ideas. There are some excellent sculpters / modellers on here who may have the answers for you
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                            sorry wrong thread, will put question in correct one.
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                              Hello pepsi.
                              I have just started using clay and as a complete beginner i need all the help i can get, which is why i have joined this site, and I look at ( you tube videos etc.) I had a look at the site that you recommend for the tutorials and registered for an account, I received the confirmation email, but it will not recognise the link. if you are a member, could i ask you a really big favour, can you ask them for a contact email address for me, as i have looked everywhere on their site and there is no way i can contact them to find out what the problem is.
                              Thank you very much.