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Kiln controller problems

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  • Kiln controller problems

    Recently purchased a 6kw single phase kiln with controller but the guy selling it did not have a manual for the controller. I have been doing some searching and could not find the manual for the model of controller anywhere!
    I have found a very similar designed controller and guess that it will be a similar operation. It would just be nice to find the correct manual for it

    This is my first post on the forum, and also my first time trying to fire a kiln so any help or words of advice will be greatly appreciated

    Well I could not upload them and now it will not let me post links to other sites
    What the back of the controller says : Hermes Electronic, SE 300, type S

    Thank you

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    Hi there,

    I had a look on the internet and found a manual for the SE300 but it is in Dutch. On the same website I found an English version for a SE3000S and have included a link to both of them.

    Most kilns have similar features like program no. delay time, ramps, temperature, soak time so this might help.

    If you need further help I could probably translate it as I speak German but it will take me a couple of days as I am trying to get some work finished for an exhibition.


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      If you have the name of the kiln and the controller make then you should be able to contact a kiln company who fit controllers to kilns to ask for a copy of the controller manual. There are so many now available, but the basics are very simple.
      Hope this helps.
      [email protected]