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    Hi all. In my "real" job (i.e. the one I get paid for, not my crafting!) I am in the early stages of trying to organise an outdoor event which will probably be held in August.

    At this stage, I am trying to come up with ideas for activities and stalls, and as we are based in The Potteries, doing a paint-a-pot stall seemed a good idea. However, I cannot find anyone who actually does this "out and about" rather than in their shop or workshop. I have contacted the local pottery museum to ask their advice, but I was wondering if any of my lovely crafty friends might have any ideas? Also, any ideas for other activities or stalls which you have seen work in the past.

    All suggestions gratefully received.

    Thanks all

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    I have come across someone once doing paint-a-pot/mug etc actually at a craft show local to me so there are people out there who do go out and about rather than stay in their studio. As for anyone local to you I'm afraid I can't really help. I hope you manage to get a great event sorted out!
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      I think there are probably special pens or paints that you can buy for this kind of thing but even these might need to be fired in an oven. You could try ordinary acrylic paints - why don't you buy one small pot and try it out on one mug to see how long it takes to dry?

      Long ago, I worked for an art centre, and we had a raku kiln. We used to make a load of bisque pots to take with us, and provide raku glazes for people to decorate the pots with. Then we'd fire them in the kiln on the spot. It was always a massive draw for the crowds, but of course, we had a lot of specific equipment.


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        There are sharpie oil based paint pens that you bake in an oven.... but I think you have to leave it to cure for a couple of days before baking.

        Maybe you could supply pens and ceramics and people could bake them at home! That is all I can think of.
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