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    I am looking for a way by which I could have someone send me a hand imprint by post, from which I could then create a casting to be able to use to press into clay and create a replicate of the original handprint.

    I cannot send a slab of clay and need to send a material that can be easily re-used if the print does not come correct the first time. Something which will not dry out quickly and will not be too heavy to post. Also something that will give me the same level of detail that I would get if the hand had been pressed in clay.

    Once I receive the handprint imprint in the post, I would need to transfer it into clay. What would be the best way to do that. I figure creating a cast from the orginial imprint received and then pressing that into clay. However what would be the best material for me to use to make the cast. If I used plaster to make the cast the rigidness of the cast might not give me the same results as the orginial. Is there a more flexible material that I could use to create a master cast from the imprint that I have received which I would then use to press into the clay?

    Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


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    Hi! This probably won't help because it doesn't involve clay however is a great method for transferring hand and fingerprints into jewellery etc. It uses ink less wipes:

    Hope that helps

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      Perhaps some of that molding compound...Silligum I think it's called.
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