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Air-Dry clay uses and tips please :)

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  • Air-Dry clay uses and tips please :)

    Hi everybody

    I have decided to look into making some little bits and pieces for family and friends out of clay...

    This seems easy but then i had to find a type of clay....

    So far I have purchased some white air-dry Das clay and now I just sit looking at it in its packet wondering where to start!!

    Does anybody have any ideas on what I could make with this clay??

    For example - I would like to make tea light holders in the shape of lighthouses, small and quaint for decoration and candle purposes..... would Das clay, hardened and painted, be suitable for this??

    Does it break easily - does it last for years - Does it travel well if packed correctly???? HELP!!!

    Sorry to be so vague but as a complete novice - vague is all I have!!

    Thanks folks for reading and I'll check back for any tips you might all leave for me

    Love you xxxxx
    xX Little Amy Xx

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    Iv'e not used it myself, and not sure if this will help but they have used air dry clay at my sons playgroup and school. He made me a tea light holder about 3 years ago and it is still going strong, and I think it's been dropped a few times to!


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      Oh that's alright then - Thing is I just want to start somewhere you know?

      I've also been looking into Fimo for other little bits and bobs but I really wanted to start making things I can paint and decorate myself

      Thanks for your reply It's very tricky to know where to start !! I have a thousand ideas in my head from cards to clay to watercolours to cushion covers!!! I just need to play around with things first and learn from my mistakes I guess

      Thanks again xxxxxxxx
      xX Little Amy Xx


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        I only use polymer clays which can also be painted and embellished. Have you tried googling it? Would probably bring up loads of info
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