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  • Sort of ceramic question

    Wonder if any of you potters might know the answer to this one....

    We need to replace a few of our bathroom tiles but the nearest match we can find is a slightly darker shade to the current tiles, in some lights it's not really noticeable but in others they really stand out.

    Do you think if we put the new tiles out in the sun for a week or two they will fade (and hopefully be a nearer match)? I know paper fades in the sun but have no idea if glazed ceramic would, I'm thinking not but decided it'd be best to ask people more in the know.
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    I'm afraid not Netty. You're stuck with that colour for good.

    Are they going to be placed randomly within the existing tiles or in a block? If they are just random here and there, maybe you could buy some cold ceramic paint and put a design on the new ones, maybe by sponging through a doily or something. Make a feature of them.

    If they're going to be in one block alone then that wouldn't work though.