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New to clay! Please Help :-)

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  • New to clay! Please Help :-)

    Hi guys!

    I just got myself a big bag of newclay (nylon reinforced air-drying clay) -- i've made some cool models (i think they are cool lol )

    My problem is...

    I want my models to "live" outside. All year round. And my clay is not sutible for that, until it's been fired.

    So, i'm thinking of buying a kiln off ebay. But i have some questions...

    1. My clay models are on armatures made out of paper. Will this burn away, is it ok to fire, or is it a total stopper on me firing my models?

    2. I want my models to have a matt finnish. Not a glossy one. How do i do this? Should I fire the clay, then paint it with acrylic paint? Or should i glaze it (there is a problem with this... see below)

    3. If i have to glaze the models? i don't know how to do it, or what it is. Will this come out matt? will it be able to stay outside?

    4. What i really would like to do, is fire the clay, cover it in somthing that makes it ok for outside, then paint it. But can i do this???

    Sorry for the crazy questions, i'm such a newbie with clay, i dont know what im doing! i know what i want to do, but doing it is another story.

    Cheer for any help!

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    Hi Gringo,

    I can't offer you any help as I only ever played with clay at school! I am going to move this thread to the pottery section for you. There are some potters on here but it may take a while to get a response.

    Good luck with it all

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      Cheers swirlyarts.

      I didnt post it in pottery -- as i thought it was just making pots and vases! lol I saw people talking about potters wheels etc.

      Hopefully a "potter" can help then??



      hello all!


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        Hi gringo!

        I use bags of newclay for model making - its such great stuff, but yes, you cannot use it outside.

        Whoa! - Hold on a moment before you buy a kiln!! There are other clays you can buy that require curing in an oven and when glazed etc are ok for using outside. Although this kinda depends on the size of the pieces you want to make....

        Theres lots of info on Clay on my website if you want to have a look. You may find that another material like Resin may be more suitable (and cheaper!) to use for your project rather than forking out for kiln. There is loads of info on Resin on my website too.

        Hope that helps!

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          Thanks for the reply artistsresource.

          I checked your site, it's very nice.

          I dont think resin would be any good, as i like to use my hands, and it looks like its only used for modling.

          The models i make a quite big, like 9" by 12", so the fymo type clay would be too expensive. The ones that bake in your home oven usally are i think.

          I guess i'll have to see if anyone else replies about a kiln


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            I'm not too sure about the type of clay your using, but I do know that a lot of pottery places allow you to "rent" their kilns, which is much less expensive (for short term use) than buying one, even off of e-bay. That, and most kilns on E-bay are shipped freight (expensive as all get out for a eighty-plus pound kiln) or are pickup only (big hassle for the buyer.) I would recommend calling around town and asking about using a kiln part-time or renting. Most of the time they will be willing to help or direct you to a good place, even if they wont do it themselves. Hope you find what you need!