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  • Throwing Books

    No, not literally!

    I am looking for recommendations for books that give you advice and techniques on throwing. I have been throwing for nearly a year at evening classes and have plateaued. looking for inspiration. can you help?

    many thanks


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    As far as I'm aware, there's only me and now yourself who do pottery on this site. As I said before, I don't throw, I use slipcasting. It maybe worthwhile you asking the question on a potters site, I know that there are several throughout the UK.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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      Thanks for letting me know, i'll do that. cheers.


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        There are an array of books on the market.. I'd go to waterstones or alike book shop and have look at what suits you..

        Of course you could go on a pottery course to learn them... Thats what my dad does btw.. pottery course

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          Hi, thanks for your response.

          I already go to two evening classes and have an array of books but they are a bit small on detail as they are about all types of pottery not just throwing. was looking for recommended books rather than just buying cold.

          as it happens I am looking for a more intensive course as the one I am on again caters for all types of pottery. as I am (relatively) able to fend for myself I am left to it and not really shown ways to improve. your dad's web site looks good, so thanks for the link. I'll have a look into it.

          cheers xx


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            Throwing: a great book

            Try "The Art of Throwing", by Alex McErlain. (Crowood Press, Ramsbury, Marlborough, UK 2002) It's still in print and you can find it in all the usual places including online bookshops. Good descriptions of techniques, and useful photographs.
            Alex was my tutor at Manchester Metropolitan University and my throwing went from grotesque to competent in no time under his direction.
            It also contains lots of interesting info about the historical context.


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              Hey spotter, thanks for the info. I have added it to my wish list and hope someone remembers it when Christmas comes around.