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  • RAKU Reduction combustibles

    Now that my kiln seem to be getting to the right temperature as indicated by the thermocouple and the surface finsh when viewed through the 'chimney'; I want to now concentrate on what materials I should use for the reduction combustible?

    I have used saw dust, wood shavings and shredded paper but am not aware of which one gives the best effect.

    Does anyone have any experience of what combustible to use that gives the best reduction, as witnessed by the blackened clay body? Does anyone have any views on whether it is best to just put the pot on the material or whether it is good to put the material on top of the pot as well?

    I am concerned about damaging the surface effect especially not wishing to have the material 'stick' to the molten glaze?


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    I've only ever used sawdust and the results were good.

    I used to put the pot in a metal dustbin full of sawdust, then throw more on top to cover it, and put the lid on the bin for a while. Don't worry about it damaging the glaze, it won't.

    After a suitable time, remove the pot and plunge into cold water, and scrub off the soot etc with a scourer.


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      Hi Pete always avoid mdf sawdusr/ chipbord dost as thet have a resin in them which is toxic and will leave nasty marks on your pieces. Personally I wood avoid wood dust and llok for wood shavings if possible wood dust tend to ignite at the first sniff of oxygen . have a look at the Rakuvaria DVD for differnt effects