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  • Old Electroserv Controller

    Hello All,
    I have just bought a second hand kiln with an old electroserv controller. It has a rotating dial for setting the temperature and then a flip switch that can either be in 'soak' or 'limit' position!

    I don's suppose some kind person would have a clue how this works? I thought you would just set it to the desired temperature and to 'limit', set the temperature increment per hour on the kiln and off you go. However, to actually get the elements to heat up I had to flick it to 'soak' and then back to 'limit' - would anyone know if this is correct?



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    Hi Chris

    You could maybe contact these guys

    Even if its old they might be able to help you. Good luck



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      I haven't got a clue - so you need to contact a grown-up about it, but...

      could it be that "limit" is a ramp speed - so that setting means the temp controller is set for how many degrees an hour you want the kiln to rise?

      And soak is what you flick to once you get to target temp and want to keep it there for the duration of your hold? (or put on soak maybe if you want to ramp up to target temp at full speed?)

      As I said, just thinking aloud there and could be barking up a very wrong tree.
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