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    Having got back into Fimo, I want to make some moulds so that my pieces are ahem uniform. (hey, even with beading, I can't make 2 things identical!) so was looking at silicone for making my own moulds, I have found some at Fred Aldous called Gedeo Siligum, which is two parts of a clay type that you mix together (I am looking more for the clay as oppsosed to the pouring type) but, can't find a cooking temperature on it, so don't know if it would be ok to use in the oven with the fimo in it...... or do i carefully take the fimo piece out before i cook it?

    I have also found one, same kind of stuff, at a place that sells polymer clay etc, that says it has a high temperature tolerance, so now I don't know which one to get.

    Any help, advice, assistance or whatever would be greatfully received. (as I haven't got a clue here!)

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    Look for two part RTV moulding materials. They are good for creating bakable moulds. Although the shelf-life of the material and the library life of the subsequent moulds is not infinite, so always keep a master you can remould from.

    Personally I find them a bit expensive though and tend to make my moulds from scrap polymer clay. Although I don't bake stuff in the moulds, I only use the moulds for shaping then bake as normal out of the mould after.

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      I'd probably just pull the fimo out of the mould before baking... I did it with some new pendants I've been making and its work fine. Just make sure the mould isnt too flexable because when you push the fimo in it'll bend all out of shape! also you can bake more at one time if you remove them from the mould. carbon footprint and all that.
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