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    Hi Everyone

    I have just given birth to a beautiful baby boy and just spend all day looking at him. I love his little feet and hands and would love to create a casting of them. I know there are many baby casting 'kits' but these all appear to be very expensive and was wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper way to do this as I would like to make quite a few casts for the grandparents etc.

    I am sure you must be able to buy the appropriate baby safe clay and moulds etc from a craft shop for a fraction of the price but I don't know what to look for. Does anyone have any advice on how to create baby impressions and castings without splashing out on a kit?

    Thanks so much

    Fran xx (aka Mummy!)

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    I can't help with the casting info I'm afraid, but just wondered if you'd considered painting your babe's feet or hands with ink and then pressing onto card and framing? Or never know what you can find on there re the casting kits. Good luck, and a lovely idea
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      OOOHHHH AHHH a new baby boy, I still remember just looking at my little bundles and thinking I was the cleverest person in the world to create such beautiful babies - with hubbies help of cause.

      Sorry I can't help with castings, just wanted to congratulate you - hope you are getting some sleep

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        aw, would love to see a pic of the new baby!!

        Sods law...... i had a baby casting kit and i just chucked it out a couple of weeks ago!! It was just a cheap one. I got it from Au Natural for £4. Think they still have them!!


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          Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. I too would love to see a photo. Sorry Im no help with the casting. Just wanted to congratulate you. xxx

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            huge congratulations to you

            I used to sit and stare at my babies for hours , feeling such a rush of love for them, there is no feeling like it

            I have found a kit for £15


            hope it helps
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              aahh bless, a huge congratulations to you & hubby on the birth of your baby boy.
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                I remembered seeing the stuff to do baby castings etc on a website I get fimo and sculpey from.

                Here it is:


                The link is for a kit to make 3D casts (which look really good!) rather than imprints, but I think they also sell the imprint kits, and you can also get the stuff to do the 3D ones separately for cheaper than the kit costs.

                The other option would be to use air-drying clay for imprints, as that wouldnt need firing or anything afterwards like "proper" clay.


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                  Can't help, but aaawwwwwww, congrats!!!!
                  Rach x

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