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  • toppotter
    Theres alot of other things to consider when buying a kiln

    Hi Rossa,
    can I ask if you are thinking of using this kiln up to earthenware glaze temps 1040 - 1080 centigrade ?
    If so even with a very quick firing cycle for ceramics you've got to be looking at 12 hours before you would be able to get your pieces back out of the kiln!
    My point is that its not practical to drag a kiln around and if you buy a small kiln you're not getting a lot of kiln space for your money.
    Theres alot of other things to consider when buying a kiln, give me a ring if you like 01952 813203 (Top Pot Supplies) and we can have a chat about what might suit you best. I'm here till 6.30pm

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  • Rossa
    started a topic Paragon Home Artist Kiln

    Paragon Home Artist Kiln

    I'm looking for a portable electric kiln for workshops, demonstrating, kids parties etc. Had a look around the 'net and found this Paragon one from and a couple of other websites, though I think they are all linked as they look the same, just different names!

    Does anyone use this kiln and is it any good? If not, anyone recommend an alternative, please?

    It's for plates and mugs and small items made/painted by the kids.
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