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Kiln wiring in questions, advice needed pease!

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  • Kiln wiring in questions, advice needed pease!

    I recently bought a hymus 2m 7kw kiln with the intention of installing it in a metal shed in my garden and wiring it into the cooker isolator in the kitchen. However, after asking about it seems that is not do-able for reasons I don't understand, so i am now thinking, should i sell it and buy another i have seen, its 3.95 kw and made by kilns and furnaces, no-where near as nice with a much more basic controller, but with it requiring less power would it be easier to wire in? Please give me some good advice someone!!

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    Hi Abby, so if you're kiln is 7kw (7000watt)....

    Hi Abby, so if you're kiln is 7kw (7000watt) and most of us have at home 230volts, 7000/230 = 30.44amps. So you can see why the electrician isn't willing to wire to a 30amp cooker circuit.
    However it is not unusual to have this size of kiln at home if you have the right circuit. Did your electrician offer any alternatives? New circuit board, separate power supply for your kiln?
    Before buying anything else check with your electrician what he feels ok about connecting.
    regards Rob - Top Pot Supplies 01952 813203
    call me in work if you want to chat it over, I'm usually around till 6.30pm


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      Totally agree with rob...

      New circuit board, separate power supply for your kiln would be the best option imho...

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        The words "metal shed" rang alarm bells with me!

        I agree with the advice given and I'm not an electrician. But unless the kiln was properly hard wired in, like a cooker and earthed, putting it in a Metal Shed may have been a problem. There may be some EU directive that covers the installation of heavy duty electric items than covers this and the electrician didn't want to take responsibility for any potential for accidents in the future.

        Years ago when I had a Bakery, I had a 4 deck baker's oven installed (though it was 3 phase). Because it had a metal casing it had to stand on a special mat rather than just on the floor. That may have been ok then but regs have tightened up since those days (1991-94)