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frost damage to a mosaic

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  • frost damage to a mosaic

    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone help with advice on how to prevent further frost damage to a large mosaic.
    Is there a good protection we could use?
    Anyone local to Edinburgh that could help out?
    Any suggestions please we are running out of ideas!!!
    Thank you

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    I used to make concrete garden ornaments. After they had dried out (preferably a couple of weeks in the sun) I treated them with Thompson's Waterseal which gave excellent results.
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      mosaic frost damage

      thanks for the tip will try this.


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        I was going to suggest a waterproof varnish/sealer aswell.

        Although I have found that my mosaics have been fine in the frost and elements, so it could be that it is the back of the mosaic where the damage is being done.

        You don't say what kind of mosaic it is, and how it is fixed outside
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          Hi Dianne,

          The mosaic is large 25'by5' consists of 36 individual boards these are hung onto metal fixings that a local sculpture workshop made and hung for us.
          It is a Gaudi style random tiles made up into a marvelous picture it took months.
          We have sealed it with a silicon spray but it does not seem to have been enough.
          Will check the back only problem now is the wall has been rendered surrounding the mosaic so it will be difficult.
          thanks 4 the tips let you know how we get on.



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            Any wood areas on a mosaic that is for outside should have 3 good coats of yacht varnish to seal and make it waterproof. Otherwise damp etc can get into the wood and behind the grout and make the tiles/mosaic pop off.

            If you now cant get to the wood then the only thing you can do is varnish the front to seal it, make sure you go right to the render. The mosaic will then be very shiny.

            However, if damp has got behind the mosaic then unfortunately, you will need to take it off and varnish the back.

            Try sealing the front first and see what happens, you may be lucky.

            Oh I would try to dry it out thoroughly before varnishing though as otherwise you will be sealing the moisture in. Not sure how you will do this on a large piece, perhaps covering it in cloth and then plastic.

            Hope this helps
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              mosaic help

              Thanks a million for the advice will let you know how we get on.

              Joyce x


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                I guess your mosaic is made up of glazed earthenware tiles?

                I guess your mosaic is made up of glazed earthenware tiles? Your problem is small amounts of water getting into the porous tile and freezing & expanding & cracking off the glaze. Any chance of fitting a ledge/roof above to prevent more water dripping on to the mosaic?


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                  Thanks for the info it seems to be the most helpful explanation so far. We are looking into putting up a canopy cost is a bit of an issue. Will let you know how we get on.
                  Thanks Joyce