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  • whirlers

    anyone know where to buy cheapish whirlers?
    Iv got all the rest of the stuff i need to do pottery at home but im still having to go to the art studio every day because i dont have a wheel. I use a whirler at the studio and its fine. Im aiming to make the pots at home, dry them then take them to the studio for firing.
    God must be an artist, why else would there be so many colours?

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    Do you mean a wheel or a whirler? Whichever it is i would try ebay.


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      Dont know much to help you, but out of interest my late aunt was quite a well known potter in Devon.
      By the time I was grown up she had a state of the art workshop, but in the corner was her first wheel, made by her hubby, he had fixed a wheel top onto the shaft of a twintub washing machine, a variable speed foot control, and the tub of the machine colected the slurry and pumped it back up to the wheel.
      She still used it for certain jobs despite having all the latest gear, and I do remember my uncle complaining about it costing more than the £5 he had budgeted for


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        When i first started pottery, i bought a whirler but it was very expensive. Recently I found something which i use as a whirler. I bought it from the local cheepo store called 'Scrouges' It is a circular stand that swivels (a bit like a lazy susan i think it's called) it only cost about £3 and it's great. It's made from plastic so very easy to clean.


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          Hi fellow potter.

          try using a lasy susan, or cake decorating shops or yes ebay to keep an eye on, local schools may even be throwing them away. A lot of schools get rid of ceramic items.
          Good luck

          Keep it up!


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