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Can someone write me a shopping list please?

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  • Can someone write me a shopping list please?


    I want to make a bowl of sorts for a lizard enclosure...

    It will need to be solid, waterproof and non-toxic and able to be made and fired at home - my oven goes upto 275C.

    It will also need to be silky smooth and partically glazed to a hard, high gloss finish.

    I've never made anything before, so the more fool proof, the better

    I was hoping that someone could write me a shopping list of everything that i should need, including the brands etc as i fail to see the practical difference between different clays and glazes

    I'd really appreciate it. I've even got a pic of what i want to make - Don't laugh :

    Oh... it won't let me :'(

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    I win! Click my profile or sig to see the pic if your interested

    It will be about 18cm x 18 cm. The sides will be about 3cm high. The dome in the middle about 5 cm high, hollow with holes in it.


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      The bowl looks cool!

      Have I read it right that you are planning to "fire" the bowl in your domestic oven? If that is the case, then you will probably be looking at using either fimo or sculpey which are polymer clays that you can harden in the oven. It should be quite easy to make it with either of them, and you can varnish or paint on it afterwards if you want, although it does come in lots of colours.


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        I wouldnt think that was possible, you want to make something water tight and glazed you will need a kiln that fires up to 1260 for approx 12 hours.
        The pot would have to be stoneware.
        Go to a local colledge and see if they can help you, they will probally have a kiln that you could use and someone with the knowledge to help you get the required results.


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          ceramic bowl

          I have sent you a pm if youstill haven;t sorted this I may be able to help.