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  • bisqued porcelain

    I have been considering attending a pottery class. I am interested in using bisque porcelain, however to tell the truth i dont know anything about it. I would like to make ceramic pendants so would this be they right stuff to make these with. I would like to put glazes on them also. Could anyone give me a little information or advice. Thanx

    Maiden x

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    Hi maidensilver

    Porcelain isn't the easiest clay to work with. If you haven't any experience with pottery it might be better to consider using a white earthenware or stoneware clay to start with.

    I follow the "Way of the Clay"


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      Hi John

      Thank you. As you can see I dont know very much!! I have a few books from the library but they are mostly about throwing so I wasnt sure. I have wanted to do this for years and finally I shall. I am really looking forward to it and hopefully it will be Dennis Coll that will be teaching. I love his work. I hope one day I will have as much talent.....ahh to dream.

      Suzie x


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        .....oops sorry John I meant to say your vases are beautiful and I love your water feature. I can just "hear" the water ...very zen. Gosh it must take you ages to make.


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          Thank you Suzie for your kind comments.

          Best of luck with your pottery course. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
          If you need any advice feel free to pm me.

          I follow the "Way of the Clay"


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            thank you John that would be helpful, I will definately keep you in mind.
            suzie x


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              Hi Maidensilver

              Shame you are not closer to me I run classses.

              I would try out as many clays as possible just to get a feel of them all.
              A good alrounder if you are buying is B17C grogged stoneware, as you can do alsorts with it, raku, pitfire, stoneware, earthenware, throw, cast, hand build.

              Hope that helps

              Keep it up!