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HELP PLEASE Polymer Clay i dont know where to start

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  • HELP PLEASE Polymer Clay i dont know where to start

    Well.. hello everyone I am hoping someone out there can help me i have been making my own dolls house for some time now and whilst looking on ebay at mini items i found a baby that had been made from polymer clay being somewhat of a craft addict i have brought some polymer clay to get started but i have looked through lots of tutorials and most of them presume you already have some knowledge of ploymer clay... so long story short does anyone know of a really basic tutorial or could someone give me a basic run down!! things i am un sure of for example what heat to have the oven? how long to bake for? do i just mold like blue tac or do i need to use water like regular clay? Thanks!!!

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    Hiya new person. I presume you've bought Fimo as it's the most easily available stuff.

    It usually says on the packet what temperature to heat the oven to. It varies slightly depending on whether it's standard Fimo, Fimo soft and some of the translucent ones but I think it's around 160 degrees Check on the packet tho'.

    You don't need any water. Just knead it a bit and it will soften up a treat then just model away to your hearts content. Just like Plasticine when we were kids (well when I was anyway hehe). You can mix colours and get marble effects by kneading 2 colours together.

    I'm no expert but have dabbled in the past with miniature stuff as well as beads and so on.


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      Thanks ethel&edna! I have actually brought Cernit polymer clay it was off ebay as usual i went into this as i do with all my crafting adventures with out much thought or research (a little bit silly of me but i am impulsive!) I hope this will work the same as fimo..??

      and do i have to use heat set paints or can i paint with acrylic paints after i have baked??


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        You will love working with polymer clay, it is so therapeutic! I used to make quite a bit of stuff for my own cards and also selling it on ebay / privately. I really enjoyed it, and it is just so easy to get the hang of, much easier than "proper" clay.

        The main thing is to make sure that the oven is not too hot - never go over the temp stated on the packet, and as I learnt the hard way, always double check that you havnt turned it up by accident! Or the clay will burn! As long as you do this, the actual time you cook it for doesnt seem to matter that much. I often "forgot" about my fimo in the oven, and it was fine when I finally remembered about it!

        It is fine to just use normal acrylics to paint on polymer clay, although you can get it in lots of coloyrs and/or mix up your own so hey dont really need much painting, except for tiny details.

        Have fun!

        Claire x


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          Claire just said more or less what i would say......basically your clay needs enough heat and time to can always add to it and 'cure' some more if you want.......experiment it's great fun.



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            Originally posted by new2allthis View Post

            as usual i went into this as i do with all my crafting adventures with out much thought or research (a little bit silly of me but i am impulsive!)

            hahaha This really made me laugh. I can so relate to this, having bought a full sized ceramic kiln off ebay on a whim!!!!


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              Fan of fimo


              I always set my oven to 110. The rec. time to cook is 30 mins. I cook for a bit longer. If you cook for an hour -the result is a harder finish. If I cook for an hour I turn the oven down halfway through to 100 degs.
              You can also part cook say for 15/20 mins and add to it and put it back for longer.

              When you're working with the Fimo, if it gets too sticky then pop it in the fridge to firm up.

              I have never made a baby but I have seen various tutorials for it on the net.

              I regularly make beads, motifs for name plaques and jewellery. Jewellery is on my website.

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                For larger models, you can cook fimo for as long as you want (same low temperature though).

                I quite often have to put my figurines in the oven from 4 to 8 times and as long as you do not turn up the temperature you will be fine.

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                  Thank you for all your comments .. it has arrived this morning so i will be starting off tonight with my new venture, fingers crossed all goes well i will post some pics when i'm finished depending on the outcome!!


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                    fimo tutorials

                    there's this extremely useful website, sort of encyclopedia, it's called glassattic.I believe I can't put link on my posts, but if you google it you'll be right there.
                    I have tons of websites with tips and tutorials, if you're interested PM me.
                    All the best!!
                    (anyway.. whatever the tutorial, you'll have to waste a LOT of fimo and patience, as you have to really find the way that works for you..whatever they say!! )
                    xx ary


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                      I agree with ARI, glassattic is a great place to get started. There is just an amazing plethora of information there.

                      I started polymer clay about 3 weeks ago now and I have found YouTube tutorials to be great. They are usually short and if you try a few different ones, you will learn a some new techniques. Try searching for Fimo, Sculpey too, instead of just polymer clay.

                      Another great way to get started if by looking at the Sculpey website. They have a huge collection of projects and they are graded (beginner, intermediate, advanced) so you can easily find something to suit your ability. And the projects are fun, cute and some are useful too.

                      Have fun with it!
                      Some of my creations:


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                        Oh I love polymer clay. Just go for it. One tip though, make sure your hands and surface tools etc. are squeaky clean. The clay seems to attract dust and fibres. I always sculpt on a bit of wire, so there's something to hold onto while your sculpting. Your fingers tend to undo a bit on the other side iyswim. I put masking tape on the wire and this stops the clay sliping around. When you have cooked it. Blush by painting all over with very watery flesh acrylic paint. (a little darker then the flesh of the baby) Then wipe it off and the darker flesh colour goes in all the little creases around the neck wrists toes etc. Makes it look lots better. I bet you get addicted like me ha ha! good luck xxx

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                          That's an interesting tip Pepsi re the paint. Will give it a go!
                          OK, I agree completely with Pepsi on the keeping clean bit. I even now waste lots of flesh colored clay and I have been making babies for a while - it may have been one of mine you spotted on ebay
                          I wear a white chemist jacket with sleeves up and I have a ball of 'waste' clay that I play with for a while before I start just to get rid of any fibres that may be loose in the air or on my hands.
                          I have a deep microwave cover which I use to cover my babies if they are left for any lenght of time - even to pop to the loo!
                          I know you have already bought cernit but if you have no joy I recommend fimo CLASSIC not SOFT clay as it seems much less likely to pick up fibres - and it is so annoying when it happens.
                          If you PM me I will send you a tutorial if you wish. I had one on my site but it was a bad idea as I now have copycat sellers on ebay (one even pinched my item description!) so I have taken it off.
                          I bake at 110 degrees and its really really important as has already been said that you don't have the temperature too high or seriously nasty fumes fill your house for days! Good luck! Nikki
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                            I had one on my site but it was a bad idea as I now have copycat sellers on ebay (one even pinched my item description!) so I have taken it off.
                            Makes me so angry when I hear that! Don't some people have a brain? Anyway, I hope you get on with your cernit, I use premo myself.
                            Gail x

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                              Re: HELP PLEASE Polymer Clay i dont know where to start


                              Thanks for the useful suggestions and it was very helpful for me.
                              Adelia Pearlie


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