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I've caught ANOTHER bug!!!

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  • I've caught ANOTHER bug!!!

    I am not going to have any time to myself after the card making, scrapbooking, jewellerymaking, soap making..... I have started a pottery course!!!!
    To cut a long story short my hubbys uncle's Mum died who was huge into throwing potts and had all the equipment well he know I love my crafting and has offered me the lot!!! how fabby is that, at the min I have all the tools and a mini kiln which will be great for my glass bead making( I know another thing) and in a couple of months I will take delivery of a huge kiln and throwing wheel.

    So last week I started my course and I love it heaps, my first little pot we it looks sooo cruddy but I like it LOL are there any other potters out there?
    Ger xx

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    this is what happens to us all!! lol..we start one thing...then!

    Hope you have fun!!! Life would be boring if we didnt fill it with fun things to do!!!!


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      how wonderful i loved pottery at school years ago id love to try it again would not have the room for all the equipment i think its good to be into lots of crafts then you dont get bored
      Jan xx


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        My hubby has got gastroenteritis enter. Thought you had got it too!!!! So glad you've not!!!! Sue xx


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          Oh dear!! I manage to not start anything new as I don't have the space to start new crafts! In fact I'm thinking of slimlining some of what bits I have so I am not so inundated with stuff!
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            Oh - how exciting... takes me back to my school days where I actually achieved 'O' level ceramics ! (oops - that surely shows my age ).


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              I did pottery at school but had to give it up as I was allergic to the clay.

              I always think of Margot from The Good Life now when I think of pottery, but I am sure you are much much better than she was.




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                Good for you enjoy it


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                  Hooray for you!! I LOVE pottery. No good at throwing, mind you. Did a basic course when kiddie was little with dreams of a kiln and wheel in the garage and my own cottage industry by the time she started school!!
                  Instead we didn't get onto throwing until the last few weeks of the course and by that time I had remembered textiles and signed up for machine embrdoiery and patchwork/quilting.
                  I did use ceramics a lot in my HND course but that was slip casting. Even went as far as buying myself a kiln off ebay. But we just don't have room for it at this house so it had to go. Now have a tiny muffle kiln instead in which I could perhaps fire china thimbles!!!
                  Do keep us up to date with your progress. I am very jealous.
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                    I loved pottery when I was at college and totally enjoyed using a wheel! And was actually quite good!

                    I'll have to take some pics of what I made as my mum and dad have virtually everything I made, and they still have it out on show, willingly too hehehe!!

                    You'll love it - its really relaxing and very theraputic! Just make sure you keep your nails short cos the clay is a nightmare to get out when its dry!!

                    Ohhh! I'm green with envy! hehehehe!!


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                      Ahhh fond memories... does anyone remember making clay 'coil pots' (bet you've all got one somewhere!) I am sure I have mine somewhere (yes, my mother kept my every creation too) ... we should all post pics of our 'early years' creative works


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                        You'll love it!! I haven't done any pottery for a while as i mostly slip cast for my dolls but I do like to make the odd accessory for them. The last head I sculpted in clay looked like Frankenstiens brother! If you value your hands you'll need the heavy duty handcream, clay don't half dry the skin.
                        Looking forward to seeing some of your creations...


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                          the bug

                          i caught the bug 7 years ago. i am still at the same pottery course and have had four different teachers. each new one brings new ideas and technques.. i love clay. i always new there was a crafty arty person in me somewhere but nothing worked out. i really thought i was deluding myself. then i met clay. i have bags of clay, glazes, oxides and a kiln in my cellar. the kids and hubby come home to find me up to my arm pits in clay and no tea on the table... tough! i now go to craft fairs and do have a website and even have and EXIBITION at the end of this month which makes me feel like an inposter really but i will just have to try and blag it... but i should be filling my kiln tonight with a load. its bliss. the world disappears when i have clay in my hands.. ok now you all think this newbie is mad. well a little potty anyway


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                            Well I'm lovin the whole thing so far, it's that much fun I look forward to a new week cause my course is on a Tuesday LOL

                            Wk 1, throwing- I managed 3 my first had side about 3 inch think LOL I did improve thankfully I'm down to half inch!!

                            Wk2, leather work- I really loved working the clay at this stage getting at the pots with all the tools and adding details etc

                            Wk3, glazing- I really struggled with this seen as it was my 1st time I couldn't get my head to work with what patterns to put on my pots. I really like one finish where you applied a glaze made a picture/pattern over with varnish and once dried wipe over with sponge, it was great fun

                            I'm looking forward to this week as we are throwing again, well apart from the fact I have to cut my lovely nails & we get to see what our pots look like fired I'm really excited

                            I'll hopefully get my wheel over the summer so I can get some practicing done as I need it big time LOL
                            Ger xx

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