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  • Polyurethane questions....

    Hi, I have an issue with using polyurethane to coat some of my work and am wondering if anyone else has this issue. I am using a water based polyurethane that I’ve seen recommended for use with Polyclay on some sites. I coated some ear rings, I dipped them. They came out nice, with no flaws or bubbles and looked great. I’m in a very dry hot area, I let them dry for about four days before letting my girlfriend wear them for a day. After she took them off I noticed on each earring, that one side had gone a bit cloudy. The rest of the earring is still glossy and hard, but they each have a small area all along one side where it is cloudy and a bit sticky. It feels a little gummy and I can easily scratch and even peel the coating now in that spot. I did not bake them again after putting the polyurethane on, although I’ve read that can help. I wasn’t sure if it was safe in my home oven I use for cooking food. My girlfriend did mention she had been touching and rubbing the earrings while wearing them occasionally. Does anyone know what I did wrong or why this occurred? They look much better with the glossy coat but I am bummed because it became dull and a little sticky on the first day of wear. Any help or advice greatly appreciated, thank you!