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New to the forum - what I have recently made.

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  • New to the forum - what I have recently made.

    Thank you for accepting me to the forum & hello everyone. I thought I should introduce myself and show something I have recently made from polymer clay. I am passionate about art, photography & crafting but only started to experiment with polymer clay about a year ago.
    I had never worked with clay before and therefore it has been (and continues to be) a steep learning curve but its something I really enjoy doing and hopefully in time will get better at. I chose to make a ribbon jointed doll because I didn't feel ready to make a bjd doll because the joint system would be too complex. The doll was made was using Super Sculpey Living Doll pale skin tone clay and painted with acrylics and pastels. The clothing and accessories were also handmade. She has a hand painted stylized peacock tattoo on her back. I have enclosed a close-up photograph of her hands with a £1 coin so that you can see the scale of the doll. I would love to have some feedback on her - as she was my first doll I realise there is a lot that could be improved upon.
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    Hi Ashling and to the Crafts Forum.

    Love your doll, very beautiful and the detail is so good. I noticed the finger nails especially. Look forward to seeing some more of your work.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Welcome to the forum.

      Your doll is gorgeous - I don't work with clay and am not a doll person, but I can certainly appreciate the time and skill that has gone into making this beautiful piece.

      Like Mo, I look forward to seeing more of your work.



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        Hi Ashling, welcome to the forum. Fantastic work to be honest, improve on it?....I wouldn’t think so, looks like a quality piece to me, looking forward to more 👍🏻



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          Welcome Ashling
          Wish you have a great day


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            it so beutyffuly


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              As a matter doer of Polymer clay myself, I have to agree with 3d Dave. What improvement?

              How owe do you retain strength in those delicate little fingers? One of my biggest bugbears is the fragility of my claws, horns and toes on dragons and such, which are not as fine as your dolls fingers.


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                Wow, thanks everyone for the positive comments! I guess because she is the first piece I have made in polymer clay I tend to focus on the things about her I would do differently next time. And yes Silkius, fingers that small are unfortunately quite fragile even with wire support inside. I remember reading that some kinds of polymer clay have more flexibility than others, I think it was mentioned by Forest Rogers in an interview about her sculptures (which are incredible!)
                I will try to find the article and the names of the clay and post them here.
                Btw, your dragon scupture looks amazing, lots of texture and intricate detail - would be great to see more of your work sometime!


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                  Thanks Ashling
                  ??? How have you found my sculpts? I haven't posted any on here yet ;-)

                  Although I am not hard to find if you recognise my logo (Deformed Bunny - there is only one :-) )


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                    Well that is weird, before I signed up for the forum I looked through some of the posts on here to see how many people were active and I was sure I saw a red dragon sculpt next to your name? Perhaps it was a cached image of an old avatar?
                    I have found your facebook page (definitely good choice of f/b name!) and recent photos of work which are very impressive! I can't see everything there because I don't have a f/b account anymore but Audrey looks fabulous!


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                      Well that is rather strange, as it was your post that inspired me to post my own work up here.
                      I’m also on Etsy under the same name (it’s a long standing joke that stuck and became my TM )

                      Thanks for the compliment on Audrey she is one of my personal favourites.

                      For a first build your doll is astounding! And the details are great.

                      If you need any help/advise on Poly clay or epoxy clays/puttys (including using both,), armatures etc feel free to pm me or ask on here.
                      I’m no expert, but I’ve been using them for quite a few years now.

                      That goes for anyone else too