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Witchy Halloween Pikachu Pokemon Polymer Clay Tutorial

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  • Witchy Halloween Pikachu Pokemon Polymer Clay Tutorial

    Hey there, looks like I'm posting in the correct thread here. I love making geeky crafts. I love making holiday crafts too. So I like to occasionally mix the two together and here's what I get. I hope you will go and check out my tutorial on how to make a polymer clay pikachu from pokemon into a cute figurine for halloween. Just check me out on youtube. My username is BrittCraft and it should be my most recent video that I uploaded.
    pikachu.jpg[MOD Edit: Hello Britt. You will notice we have removed the link in your post in order for it to comply with our forum rules about 25 posts being the magic number Link to Forum Rules. Welcome to the Forum. Get chatting and you will soon have all the posts you need to be able to link to your youtube creations. StefC]
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