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Baking fimo in jewellery blanks...i

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  • Baking fimo in jewellery blanks...i

    Hello. I was wondering, is it possible to bake your fimo in it's place in jewellery?
    I'm only asking because I read this little snippet in the description for a bracelet over at 'Jasmin Studio Crafts'

    "For polymer clay that is baked in place, you can remove the clay shape once baked and glue it back into place for a perfect and secure fit."

    I never thought of doing this, I always assumed the temperature would effect the pendants etc.
    (Obviously I'm not talking about plastic settings here).

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

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    You can bake anything that will withstand the clay's recommended baking temperature - so pretty much anything metal, glass or ceramic. Paper and card are usually fine. Some plastics and wood, with caution as sometimes the wood will leach stuff out with the heat if it has been treated or sealed with anything.

    As you read, its best to pop the clay out and glue it back in after baking, because polyclay won't bond with the metal. Allow it to cool thoroughly first as it will still be easy to push out of shape when warm.

    If you are baking anything over or in glass, always allow this to cool slowly and naturally after baking .Never plung it into cold water to speed up the cooling process. But you can with the metal items - I just chuck anything like that into cold water after baking to cool it quickly.
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