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Glueing paper to clay

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  • Glueing paper to clay

    I want to glue or stick paper somehow onto polymer clay. I use fimo mostly. I am thinking using either superglue or a polymer liquid clay then glazing it. Obviously I need it not to come off when it rains etc, but I am new to clay in general so have no clue if this is possible. I know I can transfer the image but I dont want a black and white image and I dont have a laser printer.

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    If you have a colour ink jet printer, you can use photo transfer paper to make transfers to polymer clay. Print the image out and smooth it over the clay, weigh it down with a tile and bake. I can't remember if it works better if you smear the clay with a little liquid clay first or not - try both ways.

    Downside to this is you have to bake with the transfer in place, so its only really good for flat items.

    As for using paper over clay. I have done a little of that years back by decoupaging paper over unbaked clay using liquid polymer clay. Just coat the paper back and all over the front with the liquid clay and then bake it on the project. Only downside to this is the paper can buckle a little if you aren't careful

    Hope that helps
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