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Mixing Polymer Clay

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  • Mixing Polymer Clay

    ive been reading up about mixing different brands of polymer clay but am still unsure as to whether its a good idea.

    I need a few things clearing up for me, if i was to mix fimo soft and sculpey what temperature do i bake it on and for how long?

    At the minute I just use fimo soft and bake it on 110 degrees for half an hour.
    thanks deena

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    Its usually fine to mix different brands of polymer clay together. At least it always was.

    However, the clay brands have all changed formulation over the last few years and now there is greater variation in the ingredients they each use (hence the varying baking temps now from brand to brand)

    So my advice is do a test and try it out. Just mix together a small bit of each clay and bake a solid ball, - the size of a malteser or so. Always use the lower of the baking temps of whichever clays you are using.

    When baked, have a look at it. Are there any cracks? If so, you might still be able to mix them, but just try baking slightly lower temp.

    Try cutting the ball with a tissue blade - does the clay seem firm and well baked all the way through? If not, chances are you might need to up the baking temp a little, or just bake at the same temp but for longer time.

    If you spend a little time just doing a test piece like this, you can find the answers to the questions without risking any precious projects. So its well worth doing a little experiment or two.
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      I mix sculpey and fimo soft together to make cupcakes, burgers and so on for my bracelets. I cook them in a convection oven for 15 mins on 130 degrees and they come out fine.


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        I had no problems with different brands of clay mix. 110 degrees and cook for 30 minutes each time. But if you make a very thin object, must shorten the cooking time. After removing from the oven, while still hot object, I would recommend to throw ice water immediately.
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