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    Hello, this is my first post so please be gentle with me.
    I've started making some little charms with fimo soft which average roughly 1.5cm long.
    I've heard that these do not take so long in the oven, can anyone give me a rough idea for a charm this size please?
    I left my first ones in for about 15 minutes.
    Thankyou in advance. x fimo soft the best medium for charms? Thanks again.

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    Hi and to the forum, Can't help with the fimo question I'm afraid, I haven't used it for years but I've just bought some and waiting for it to arrive so it will be interesting to see what the polymer modellers say. Enjoy the forum.

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      It's a bit of trial and error to start with, but although while it is still in the oven it'll feel slightly soft, it will go rock hard as it cools.
      The issue is with depth rather than legnth, so a thin piece will require cooking less that a thick piece. the recommended time is about half an hour, but by experimenting, you'll be able to adjust the time to suit you.
      Also make sure you allow the oven to heat up and steady the temp before putting them in as an oven still trying to reacgh the required temp will often pour out higher heats to achieve it.
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        You can always bake the clay for the recommended half an hour, even smaller items. I think its always better to bake for more time than risk not baking for long enough. Because if you don't bake the clay properly the items wont be as strong as possible.

        The important thing really is that the temperature is correct - many ovens are not accurate, so its a good idea to check with an oven thermometer that your oven is indeed hitting the right temp and staying there.

        Fimo Soft is a great clay for solid beads and charms. Just bear in mind it is not as strong as the Fimo Classic formulation when baked so isn't so great for thin parts . So don't have any part of your charms too thin - keep everything at least 4 or 5 mm thick minimum. If you find it isn't strong enough, you can try a stronger clay like Fimo Classic, Cernit or Premo.

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          Thanks alot for all your replies! :-D