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    Im pretty new with using fimo and even though im really not very good at it i love it.
    I recently had fimo deco gel brought for me and i have a couple successful-ish attempts at the image transfers.

    What else can it be used for? apart from image transfers and adding abit of gloss to items, can you mix it with something to add colour then bake it?
    Newbie .x.

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    Nice to see you here.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Here you are, and again, welcome!


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        Fimo Deko Gel is quite versatile.

        You can add things like glitters, Deco Beads, Mica powders etc to it to create a sparkly gel, that can be used in similar ways to resins - to infil holes in polymer clay shapes and bezels or brushed over clay beads. Alternatively bake the gel on a ceramic tile so it forms a sheet that you can then cut out and apply to unbaked clay in future projects. Great for making faux opals etc.

        It also works as a bonding agent - so if you want to apply baked clay pieces to a new clay project, the fimo gel will aid adhesion upon the subsequent baking.

        It is good for repairs - if you find any little hairline cracks in your claywork, you can brush over a little Deko Gel and rebake for a near invisible repair.

        In all, very useful stuff to have in your clay stash!

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