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    So after going to the bead show at the weekend I invested in a pasta machine, starter clay pack and the essential tools so im going to give it a go!! Wish me luck.

    Does anyone have any top tips?!

    I have done quite a lot of research and think I will start with basic canes and beads. I do however have a few questions you can hopefully help me with.

    The clay packets says to bake for 5-30 mins! How do you know how long for as there is a massive difference between 5 and 30 mins!

    And how do you make the hole for the beads? I am guessing I just do this before they go in the oven?

    Any advice would be great

    Thanks all!

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    Just to quickly answer your two questions -

    I *always* bake my clay a minimum of 30 minutes. I can't imagaine that 5 minutes would be long enough for any clay piece - maybe with a very thin piece of clay, but even then I wouldn't try it. You can bake clay over the 30 minute mark without any consequences in general; the danger of burning clay is in going over the prescribed temperature, not the time

    For bead holes, you can make them before or after baking.

    Before baking, just very carefully push a cocktail stick/large needle/pointy stick thing/whatever you can find into the bead. A good technique is to slowly twist your piercing implement into the bead until you can just feel it touching the other end, then remove the stick and re-pierce from the other side.

    After baking, use a hand-drill to very carefully drill through the bead (watch your hands!). Sometimes it helps to make a small 'pilot' hole before baking, or make a small indent where you plan to drill the hole, so that it's easier to place the drill on the bead. The bead will keep it's shape using this method, but I've always found it a bit fiddly

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      to the forum, hopefully we will see some of your beads soon. Have fun.

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        Thanks for your help. Your beads are gorgeous!


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          Hazel has given you some excellent advice there, so not much I can add. Just maybe to say welcome to the addictive world of polymer clay!

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