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  • Polymer Clay buttons

    After knitting my daughter a top, I couldn't find any buttons I liked, so made some from Fimo.

    Are they waterproof once baked and now baked, the edges look a little rough. I sanded them down, but now the sides are dull and the top looks good, should I polish the sides or use a finer sandpaper?

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    Fimo is naturally matte, so if you sand it smoother, it will look that way (when it just comes out of the oven, there can be a slightly shiny "skin" to the clay, but don't let that fool you. The only way to make it truly shiny is to either sand and buff it so it is so smooth it becomes reflective, or put a later of a fimo-compatible varnish over it.

    On its own, polymer clays, like Fimo, are water resistant, but not necessarily water proof. Depending on the techniques used, you can find water start to seep in over time. I wouldn't worry for buttons though, they will almost certainly be fine.

    The main thing is to just try it out and see if it works for the application you need it for.
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      Thanks Emma, thought you may know the answer to this. I did look on your website to see if you had discussed this issue!