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  • newbie to fimo!

    hi all,

    ive recently started to have a play around with fimo clay as ive always had a craft nature.i stubled across this site while researching and thought id join and maybe get some advice from people a bit more experienced than me! i was wondering if its possible to sell cake toppers and models on the internet and if any of you do is it fairly easy to do?


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    Nothing is difficult if you work at it. You say you have only just started to 'play around with' Fimo and so I'm guessing that you may not yet have the skills to make something that's worth offering for sale. With any skill, craft or otherwise, it's always best to practise and do your research because otherwise you may waste a lot of time and money.
    When selling anything to the public you are entering into a legally bound contract and you will have to sell something that's 'fit for purpose' or you will have it returned and you will have to issue a refund.
    There are many books on your chosen craft and many excellent films on YouTube may like to take a look.
    Good Luck and stick with it. If you work hard, you could be good at what you do in a relatively short space of time.
    ~ Rachael
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      I would echo Rachel's points - yes, people can and do sell their Fimo cake toppers on the internet. As to whether it's easy or not - do you mean the making or the selling part? Or both?

      So much depends on the person. Some people are natural business people, other's not so. Some people are natural artists and can create products that people desire, other's don't seem to find it so easy to create commercially-sucessful items.

      Either way, you would be unlikely to be sucessful at it without having a) a genuine passion for Fimo modelling and b) genuine experience and understanding of the material.

      Sometimes, some people seem to have all the qualities they need almost magically from the get-go. But for most of us, they take a bit of time to acquire and there are no easy shortcuts.

      If you are enjoying the Fimo work though - there is nothing wrong with having goals and aiming for selling your work. I would just caution rushing into it before you are ready. Especially with cake toppers. People tend to custom order cake toppers for special occasions, so there is no margin for error when it comes to what goes on someone's wedding cake on their special day etc.

      Like all creative things - practice and learn your craft, read up about online selling and marketing, research the legal side of selling online etc and soon enough, you will know yourself if selling your work online is the right step forward for you or not.

      Good luck and don't forget to show us all what you are making!
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        hi guys

        thanks for your response. i dont feel im at the selling stage yet although i have made quite a few items and feel ive got some understanding of fimo now, ive just been putting a lot of practice in!

        i came to the thought of selling items as my friend asked me to make a topper for her brothers wedding cake as they are trying to save some money. its turned out well enough for their purpose. i just thought if i kept putting the time in thats maybe i could sell some to cover the costs of my materials more than anything. its the selling im researching at the moment i was thinking of putting a few bits on ebay when i feel they are upto scratch.

        again thanks for the fast replies im new to forums



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          Hi Amy welcome i myself am fairly new to fimo i have only been doing it since october 2010 which really isnt long as some people have been doing it years and years,

          i sell my work on ebay at the moment which is where most of my busniness comes from as i feel that word of mouth helps alot when you make cake toppers i have had a few people buy from by website but saying that i dont really advertise my website that much yet, i put a wedding topper on ebay the begining of febuary and i have sold 3 so far yay!!!! i was happy with just covering my cost to but as i goes i have made money

          so you go for it give it a go !!!!!

          good luck and upload some of your work

          hope to chat to you again

          Della xx
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            Fimo is addicted and before you know it you can have your fingers working away like

            I started off with fimo with making a teddy bear, a flower and a fireman with his dog.

            I copied these from a book and before I knew it I had shelves full of dogs, cats, elephants and a host of other things that I so enjoyed making.

            My very first bride and groom cake toppers were also copied from a book:

            I still have all my early models and shall always keep them.

            Over the years I have made many, many, many mistakes and each time I have learnt by my silly mistakes. There are so many things can go wrong when you are making toppers to sell as you know you have to get them perfect every time and I have to say at times it drives me crazy and I wonder what the heck I am doing! For instance I am having a nightmare of a week with cake toppers that involves a car and its made me decide that I will not do cars anymore.

            The business side of it, for me, is mind boggling - even though I used to work in a office for many years its still hard to get myself organised and keep on top of things.. like accounts, keeping paperwork.. etc etc.

            But, on the plus side, I am so excited when I can see the models coming together and I know they are going to turn out good and I finally finish them enough to take photos and pack them up. Each time I post one off its like a new day and I get to start again.

            I would say have a good trawl on the internet and see what others do, read about the different clays, make sure you cook at the right temperature, and so on and so on as there really is a vast amount to find out about fimo and what you can do with it.

            I know I've not even scratched the surface of what can be done because I am too busy making the ordered models to actually sit and have time to experiment while you can and above all, have fun with it.

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              When I first started selling my cards I listed them on ebay, it's a great way of dipping your toe in the water, so to speak.
              You can list for FREE it your start price is 99p or less. They also have FREE listing weekends when you can list for any price, well worth looking out for.
              ebay have changed their rules recently and only allow private sellers to list 100 items a month for free, but that sounds like it will be plenty for your needs.

              List with good photos, measurements and a really good description... that way people buying have a really good idea of what they are getting and are less likely to complain or leave you bad feedback.

              Make sure you let us know what your ebay seller name is, so we can look out for your listings.

              Free listings... it's got to be worth a go.
              It's also a good way of finding out what people like to buy and how much they are prepared to pay for it.... useful info if you are going to set up your own website and sell from there.

              Have fun practising and Good Luck if you do decide to list on ebay.

              Go on go for it....

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                thanks everyone for the replies! what a warm welcome to a forum

                all your advice is brilliant and motivated to me to try sell a couple of bits on ebay and see how it goes, there is nothing to lose! ill keep you updated and will try work out how to put my pics up as it keeps freezing on me!

                im going to keep at it as its getting very addictive.

                you may have a new regular on these forums


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                  Originally posted by bubblesbubble View Post
                  thanks everyone for the replies! what a warm welcome to a forum

                  all your advice is brilliant and motivated to me to try sell a couple of bits on ebay and see how it goes, there is nothing to lose! ill keep you updated...

                  Good for you
                  What's your ebay username, I'll look out for you.

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                    Selling is defintely an important goal for many. And as you found out Amy, often its other people that push you down that direction when they start to ask to buy from you!

                    Remember though that selling to friends and family is one thing. When you start selling to strangers on ebay, you are now a business and you have some legal obligations to comply with.

                    Firstly, you need to tell the tax people. Even if you are only selling one or two to cover your costs - technically the tax office don't care. To them, it's income and you need to account for it on a tax return. If you phone up your local tax office, they will help you register.

                    Secondly - if you are selling over the internet / mail order (which you are on ebay) you will almost certainly need to comply with the distance selling regulations. Look them up and see how they apply to you. Often for custom work and for auction sales too, many of the regulations don't apply - but you still need to check it out and be sure.

                    Again, I have some articles on my website that go into some aspects of selling, such as pricing your work and the legal side of things (just scroll to the bottom of the page I linked to for the articles). They were written from the perspective of jewellery making, but there is quite a lot of overlap to other crafts too of course.

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