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  • advice please

    I recieved some clay charms that I ordered from an online site.
    I`m really not pleased with them as they are badly finished, so what I am asking is, is there any way I can perhaps sand them to smooth them a little or would that have to be done before they were "cooked"
    I don`t think I can use them as they are, and I`m a little bit miffed o say the least
    thanks sally

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    If they aren't fit for use you should be able to get then either replaced or a refund. If you used PayPal get PayPal to do a stop on the money util you are satisfied. Buying online doesn't mean you can't take things back.

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      From a technical standpoint, yes, you do the sanding after curing/baking, so you could do some finishing work yourself. Itgla's best to use wet-dry sandpapers, working your way up from about 600 grit; the wet-sanding means you won't get polymer dust and debris in your lungs! If the charms have been glazed with a varnish it will be quite a bit more difficult to sand them though, as the varnish tends to peel and flake as you sand.
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        As Hazel said, you can sand them smooth if you wish to. But I agree with Pete that you don't need to keep them if you don't want them!

        I disagree with Pete, however, about going straight to Paypal. Most sellers are decent human beans and if you just explain that they are not suitable for you and you would like a refund, any reasonable seller will let you return them, as per your legal rights. Why involve paypal without trying to sort it out amicably with the seller first?
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          thanks for the replies, I think I will try sanding one of the charms and see how it goes.


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            RE: advice please

            Hi! I think it would be best to inform the seller of the quality of the product. If the product is glazed, I wouldn't try glazing it again. I have had experienced on re-glazing my art piece with different types of glazing liquid from the original I used. It turned out sticky. I think that some liquid glazes are not compatible with each other.