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  • Pardo Jewelry Clay

    I found this product
    (Pardo Jewelry Clay)
    in stores Hobbies
    I want to know what is the difference between it and any of another clay( fimo ,premo,kato,....) to make a jewelry and which is the best
    805242.jpg it looks like that

    thanks : nwna

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    Pardo is made by Viva and is a relatively new polymer clay. I know a number of business that tried the clay it and didn't get on with it - the most popular clays still seem to be FIMO and Sculpey.
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      I tried some just before christmas. It didn't feel or work like my usual fimo and sculpy. It had a drier, crackier texture. I'll be sticking to my usual!
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        I tried some last year or the year before. I didn't get on with it at all, found it cracked a lot in the baking. But that could be user-error, as it can take a while to "learn" the nuances of a new clay.

        They also do a "professional" version now which I haven't tried however.

        I hope to try that out at some point, for the time being though I think I will stick with my Fimo and Cernit.
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