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Best Glue For Fimo Hooks

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  • Best Glue For Fimo Hooks

    Hi, everyone! I would very much appreciate if someone could help me find the best glue for sticking silver hooks into fimo firmly...Thank you very much for your help...

    Glossy Apple

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    It depends on the use.

    For a really strong, flexible bond you should use a two part epoxy glue such as araldite. Although this can be a little messy to apply neatly.

    For lighter-weight applications, such as gluing eyepins into small charms etc, I have always found superglue to be excellent and hardwearing.

    The secret though is to abrade the areas that are to be connected prior to gluing. This can be done by rubbing them over with some coarse sandpaper first (and wiping down with something like meths to clean the area and remove any sanding dust)

    Then, when you come to apply the glue to those surfaces, it has a key to grab on to and the bond will be a lot stronger.
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      Thank you

      Thank you for answering, you've been of GREAT help! I like the idea of sanding the two parts to be glued, it makes sense...but I wouldn't be able to do that with small charms and eyepins. I've tried superglue, and sometimes it caused like white foam sort of thing, and I tried a common jewellery glue as well...which in some cases seems to help. I'll try epoxy as you said, and hopefully that will be it!
      Thank you again for your time...

      Glossy Apple


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        with the eyepins, you can sand the part of the metal that will be glued into the clay. This is often a fiddly job, but well worth it.

        Not sure of the problem with your superglue - is it possible you used too much and it was squelching out a bit? I prefer the normal superglue to the "gel" types also - and only need a small drop when glueing an eyepin in place.

        The other method to consider is putting the metal loop in before baking. You need to do this so that the loop cannot be pulled out afterwards as the clay and metal won't bond in baking.

        So that might mean putting an S shape or loop in the embedded end of the metal, so the clay is grabbed around it and it can't come loose. Much will depend on your project of course as to if such methods of construction are possible or actually the best method to use even if they are.

        Emma - unique art beads & more - beads, polymer clay, glitters and inks oh my - Like me at Facebook!