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What pasta Machine?

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  • What pasta Machine?

    The pasta machine I inherited with my second hand tools has seen better days and I'd like to get another. Has anyone got a recommendation for one that is tough enough to take the knocks but won't break the bank?

    Ta, Jo x

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    Hi Jo

    I would always recommend the Atlas pasta machine - it's sturdy and works well, and often seems to be the roller of choice for polyclayers. I'm about to head to Amazon to see about getting a new one - they might have a deal on Makins also do a specially dedicated polymer clay machine, with wider rollers, but I haven't personally used this one, and some reviews have not been entirely positive.
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      I have used expensive ones and cheapy ones and to my mind, I have never noticed a difference between any of them. I have managed to break them all without too much trouble!

      My current victim is an Imperia which has done me well. I also bought the motor attatchment for it, which I am still only just starting to use so too soon to speak about that, but so far so excellent.

      I really think the mechanics is much the same in all these machines. I don't think you really get quality engineering in any of them. The branded ones included - which are all made in Italy.

      I always say, just get whatever you can - beg, borrow and steal one, look at car boots etc and run it into the ground. When it whimpers and dies, get another. I really don't think there is any magic name when it comes to rollers.
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        should have said - the makins one, when I tried it, wasn't good for polymer clay. I can't remember why now though. I think it was because it had some sort of teflon like coating on the rollers.

        BUT.. that was a long while ago, they might have redesigned the product for all I know. Some of the clay companies also sell branded ones- from what I can see, they are no different from the ones half their price that don't come in a box with the polymer clay brand name on it.
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          Thank you Hazel and Emma xx

          Now I've done a search for Atlas I can see It's an Atlas that I am replacing. Mine seems to have seen some serious action in it's long life (fourth hand it is now) it has battle scarred rollers and it's knob fell of yesterday. They seem to be reasonably priced so I'll just go like for like, new for old.