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Please can a Fimo expert help me - I wish to purchase many beads!

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  • Please can a Fimo expert help me - I wish to purchase many beads!

    Dear Fimo expert,

    I have recently been making dolly mixture, liquorice allsorts bracelets and now people have come back wanting necklaces to match etc. I use to purchase off ebay, but the supplier has now let me down. If anyone sells these types of beads can you please let me know,

    Thank you in anticipation, Helen )

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    Not sure how these compare price-wise?

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      Thanks Melanie,

      They are exactly what I am after - but the price is too high for me - I hope that a Fimo enthusiast will save my day lol xxx


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        Have you thought about making your own?

        These types of beads are very simple to make. If you did your own, not only would it be cheaper (since you won't be paying for someone else's time, only the clay you use) but you can make everything to your own exact specifications.

        For simple sweetie beads, you wouldn't need anything more than a hand roller (a pasta machine would be worthwhile investment), a tissue blade and a few blocks of clay.

        I can walk you through what you need to do if you fancy giving it ago
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          Hi Helen,
          Was it jmillen2004 you were using? As i use them and can't see any listed for sale anymore
          Gemma xx

          Have now found they have an online store hope that helps you helen, they have loads of different things.
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            Allsorts Beads

            Hi Helen

            I've just stumbled across your query by accident, and thought I'd let you know that I sell miniature handmade liquorice allsorts beads. I sell them on Folksy - just look up Miniature Liquorice Allsorts Polymer Clay Beads.

            I also sell them direct if that would be any interest to you. In any case, I hope you find something!

            Best wishes