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  • Icing :)

    Hi Everyone,

    I have some questions I hope someone can help me. Ive been searching the internet and can't find answers to this or at least som kind of tutorial.

    1) i'm interested in making cupcakes and I dont really like the look of just swirling a long cyclinder into a peak for the top. I've seen a topping that looks like real piper icing. I cannot find anywhere how to do this. Does anyone know please?

    2) I've seen some people using liquid sculpey for certain things. Which is best sculpey or fimo? and I was wondering whether this could be used to create realistic piped icing, just not sure how!

    Thank you in advance

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    There is a product called silicone cream clay, which when piped, looks like frosting, but the only place I've seen it offered is a overseas site at Might be worth googling 'silcone cream clay' though, in case you can find it elsewhere. A tutorial in a recent Beads & Beyond featured a mini ice-cream sundae using that product
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      You might also be able to experiment in mixing together Fimo Gel and Fimo Clay into a paste and using that.

      I would experiment and make some tests on a ceramic tile or something before going ahead on any important projects, but it could be a fun project to try.

      Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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