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  • fimo vehicles!

    Ok How on earth do u make fimo vehicles- bikes and cars, someone has asked me to make them one, one of my friends, and i have no idea how to, where to start! can anyone i supposed to make a frame etc? Thank s for your help so far guys!

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    a car should be relatively easy. roll the clay into a ball square it off. use tools to mark out the tryres, use black clay to make 2d tyres,then clear / neutral clay for windows, unless you want blacked out windows. stick on the sides and mold the roof bumpers etc. white dots for headlamps. do you have a cake decorating book? there could be instructions for making icing cars you could follow.
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      ah!!! i c! duh! but i want to make a big one and put a wedding couple kind of hanging out of it! lol!! would i still do the same? thanks for your help!


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        It does sound like quite an ambitious project if you don't have much experience. But nothing wrong with that - nothing like a deadline looming to make us learn stuff quick!

        I think you will need to create some sort of armature or skeleton for your car - make a large model in solid clay isn't always the most economical of projects. Maybe model the base from aluminimium foil and cover it with clay.

        it would be a really good idea to invest in some books dedicated to polymer clay modelling - they can show you some of the basics of creating polymer clay models. Whilst there is a lot of cross-over to sugar craft and so on, sometimes the polymer clay specific books will contain certain tricks of the trade that you might not find elsewhere. I am sure if you google or search on amazon for "polymer clay modelling" you will get lots of leads.

        Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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          I have just made my last car ever! It is so time consuming and stressful to make (copy) what the client wants and it can take me hours and hours of work and many many times in and out of the oven.

          If يt was just a case of making one for fun it would not be so bad, but to work on a comissioned one is, to me, a headace I no longer want............and I normally enjoy a challenge, but the one I'm working on now has been a nightmare.

          Hope you manage to make what you want and enjoy doing it - good luck

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            hehe now you've said that Pauline you have GOT to show us a picy of the finished article. even if it is just to show Mrs Sully how it is done....
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